Friday, February 26, 2010


Wow! Almost a year since my last post. It certainly does not seem like a year. I miss bloging and the blog world. Hope to try and catch up with a few of my favorite bloggers and to start posting again soon. Not a whole lot as I am working right now. For anyone that followed my blog before, we did not move and are still in the same house. There was to much competition for the homes we tried to buy and its just as well as looking back they all would have needed a lot of work.

I am desperate for spring. Its been a long winter in Ohio, very dreary and cold. I am trying to start on spring cleaning already. Since its cold I am tackling office tasks and clothing first. Things that are easy to do while still wearing all these layers :)


Miranda said...

Maggie- You're BACK!!!!! I was just thinking of you and missing you!!

I'll catch up with you later... my MIL passed away this week after a year battle with cancer. So my mind is fuzzy right now and obviously my blog hasn't been updated either.

So glad you commented on my crazy day. I've missed you!

Mom2fur said...

Hi, Maggie! Welcome back and thanks for visiting me! I'm so with you on this snow--hasn't it been a crazy winter? Yesterday's storm here on Long Island took the cake--they said 2-5" and we got at least 10"! Enough, already.
Well, at least my backyard looks really pretty, LOL!
LOL, word verifications sometimes crack me up: today it's 'comakled.' Sounds like a real word. "All this snow is making me feel really comakled!"

Raquel, The Glamorous Life said...

Maggie welcome back! i am glad you are back to blogging!