Saturday, March 13, 2010

Parenting by text....( rambling updates)

Does that sound just horrible? We are a very wired family. Computers everywhere, multiple cell phones, and so little time. My oldest is also *sniff* almost 18! He is working, has bible study, backstage for the play at school, game club, etc. and is a great help at home still. The next 2 are online charter school ( they are almost 16 and 12) and then we have little man ( 2 1/2).

I am working a lot. Some weeks 7 days. I will continue to work crazy hours until August at which point I will be cutting that down to 1/3 and things should get back to normal. DH and I work opposite shifts and the older kids help with breakfast if the toddler gets up early.The oldest helps out a hour or 2 a week if there is a scheduling conflict. Everyone else has a responsibility to watch that they keep up with their schedule and chores and so far, its working well. Texting has become a big thing, I can still answer questions all morning, check on the kids, send reminders, etc. I never thought I would be a texter ( is that a word?)

I never have to work past 3:00 and the kids are still sleeping when I start work. DH works in the evening and he has weekends off. My house is pretty quiet except for the little guy, he loves making his rounds. Big sister is his favorite person to help him start the day, as she likes to watch some cartoons with him and tries to get him into the characters. Daddy wears him out in the early afternoon and he spends the rest of the time trying to get his brothers to play cars, go outside or to play Mario Bros on the WII while he pretends to play. As soon as I get home, he moves to me and we play and then have some quiet time. He is the funnest 2 year old. He is such a people person.

My daughter has really become quite the artist this last year. She is self taught and does the most amazing,manga/anime style pictures. Lately she has taken a big interest in character development as well. My oldest two are all about computers right now.

That's whats going on right now :)

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Kylie's Mom said...

I love 2 year olds, they're so much fun :).!