Monday, August 13, 2012

Menu Plan 8/13

Menu Plan 8/13 Gluten free and easy

Monday- Clean out the fridge day. Greek salads and any odds and ends that need used up.
Tuesday- Hot dogs, mac and cheese, fresh fruit
Wednesday- Kielbasa hash
Thursday- Spaghetti
Friday- Cabbage potato soup with smoked sausage
Saturday- Pizza Experiment night. Trying more than one gluten free crust and comparing
Sunday- Mexican food night- Exact choices up in the air.

This week is easy on purpose. Making sure everybody can cook their own gluten free meals. Tired of watching young adults stare into the fridge. I love to cook and experiment but need to give some lessons on the basics this week. Easy favorites. Should free some time to experiment with pizza crust recipes and finding a good gluten free chocolate chip cookie.

Getting to go to a very popular large Mexican market this week. Looking to pick up something special for Sunday.

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