Saturday, February 1, 2014


I tried to make a Paleoish candy bar last week and finally came up with one that really hit the spot BUT I could not stop eating it. Came out like a decadent version of a crunch bar. I'm not ready for treats though, self control is not something I have mastered yet.

Made bone broth yesterday and a few lbs of collard greens. Today I need to tackle cooking up a few chickens and making chicken stock. Debating tackling a few more things but it seems like a good day to just keep it simple.

Finally making progress with the 6 year old on eating healthier. I say this while looking at his Cheeto stained fingers. Progress, certainly not perfect.


Mom2fur said...

Oh, I think the occasional Cheetoh keeps life interesting.

Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog last month. I've been spending so much time on Pinterest that I've neglected it.
Pinterest is an addiction.

Dean said...

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